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It’s true what they say… time certainly flies when you’re having fun.
And this is particularly the case when you’re a parent.
Before you know it, your favourite little people are ready to fly the nest, brave the big wide world, and stand on their own two feet.
However, there are lots of ways that you can prepare your daughter to grow up to be a fierce, strong, and independent woman! Finding a wonderful balance between fun and learning,


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Our diary offers the perfect Fun environment for girls to express their feelings, document different parts of their life and reflect on different stages of their school and family life.
After all, everyone’s life story is worth documenting, right? Designed to help young girls to open up and improve their communication skills with their friends and parents, the diary will also allow you to connect and engage with your daughter, whilst encouraging them to share the highs and lows of their day with you. They girls are encouraged to draw their own little emojis characters to further express their feelings as sometimes words isn’t enough.
Inspiring activities
With this in mind, it’s important that young girls are armed with the skills and confidence they need to make sure that their voice is always heard! Ideal for both home and school, the diary has also been carefully designed to strengthen your daughter’s development at core stages of her life while still having Fun .

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This is because the diary is a great resource for prepping your little girl with the communication skills she needs to speak openly, live life to the full, express her feeling’s. while also getting inspiring weekly quotes from our characters within the diary to help her reach for the stars .
From insecurities and body hang ups through to learning concerns and changes in family circumstances, there are a number of common pressures, battles and stigmas that today’s youth face on a regular basis. Sometimes, the best therapy to overcoming these challenges is being able to vent and unleash your feelings in a fabulous and fun way.

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Diary Template and Space for Wise words
because mum and dad always know best, the diary also incorporates a ‘wise words box’
which provides the perfect opportunity for parents to guide your daughter in the right direction or simply lift her mood.
But that’s not all… every month, your daughter will also be able to enjoy a number of fabulous monthly activities including puzzles, colouring in, arts and craft activities and inspirational quotes to help her to believe in Possibilities Above all… the diary promotes the ethos that tomorrow is always a new day so, Always keep Trying!!

Children Can Dream Big With Our Diary