My Story My family is my whole world.
As a dedicated wife, fun loving mum to my two little ones, aged 3 and aged  8,
oh step mum to aged 13, I’ve carved my career around my kids!
And, boy, have I had a lot of fun along the way…

Over the past 10 years, I have dedicated the majority of my creative energy and passion to working in the children’s party industry.
Having started out running a mobile children’s spa business, I quickly began exploring other ideas and avenues within the same industry.

Roll-coaster life
This led to me running a successful Children’s Party Boutique for the past 5 years.
Specialising in confidence building spa parties, incorporating elements such as singing, dancing, and mini pampering, my parties encourage kids to feel fabulous, confident, happy, and content in all aspects of their lives!

Amazing Window 
The idea behind these parties came from watching my own kids grow and evolve every single day, and tuning into the challenges they face on a daily basis. This included watching my daughter’s own struggles with confidence, body issues, and friends.
We all think adulating is tough. But trust me, being a kid in today’s body obsessed society is no easy feat! With this in mind, I just knew that I had to do more.
After all, we would all walk to the ends of the earth for our kids, right?

Communication is so hard 
So, having struggled to get my daughters to fully open up, I came up with the idea of creating a diary that offered a safe place for children to communicate their daily thoughts and vent their worries, at home and at school.
My daughters love it! Filled with inspirational feel good quotes and messages, the diary acts as a great communication tool between the child, her friends, and her family – providing an exciting space to enjoy activities and even leave little messages for one another.

Family Affair 
Over the past Seven months, I have dedicated almost all of my free time to creating the diary with the help of my two daughters and other children , Of Course I cant forget the support I have had from my Wonderful husband.
And now it’s complete, I can’t wait to share it with you all. It really is an amazing way to encourage your little girl to BE POSTIVE, CREATIVE, and FABULOUS.

If This diary could help Just one child to step away from the Ipad,Tablet or Phone for a 5 minutes and find a new way of expressing themselves,  Then My job is done 🙂
Benefits of My Big Be Fabulous Diary          
To Help Express Feelings
Gain Confident
To be inspired
To Feel positive
Be Creative
Communication Tool
To Have Fun  & BE Fabulous